Fumigated Pallets

Fumigated Pallets

Fumigated Pallet Suppliers in UAE

Fumigation of Wooden pallets:

In the process of fumigation of wooden pallets, we place the pallets under a fumigation cover with methyl bromide at the prescribed amount of 48 grams per meter cube. We seal the fumigation cover by sand snakes for 24 hours to 48 hours. It is an effective method of making the pallets pest resistant and making them safe for the peoples but the method is not applicable to food shipment. In most of the countries fumigation of packaging, a pallet is a legal requirement for import and export of packaged goods. Because Emirates Pallet Factory is leader of fumigated pallet suppliers in UAE so our fumigation certificate is issued by obtaining approval for fumigation from the licensing authority.

What are the benefits of our fumigated pallet?

Heat treated pallets are dead set against to fungi and other microorganisms that saves it from pest attack and increases its lifespan. Heat treatment is an ancient way of preserving wood from decomposing and adding prolonged existence.
Our high professional experts do not add the more chemicals in the process of heat treatment of wood pallets that makes it safe for transportation and handling workforce.
The heat treated pallets do not insert any toxic compound into the environment when it gets wasted. It can be re-used and recycled for other useful ways like in making of animals farms. In addition, chemicals are not used in the manufacturing of fumigated pallets this makes it more eco-friendly.
The process of fumigating of wood not only reduces moisture and makes it humidity resistant for future. That decreases its weight and it will save your extra shipping charge.
We follow the ISO guidelines of fumigation of pallets and provide genuine wheat stump at our fumigated pallets that are acceptable all over the world you can rest assured that your wares shall move freely across the nations without facing any shipping restrictions that are linked to the risks and the concerns that untreated wood may pose.
The goal of using fumigated pallets is to eliminate the introduction and spread of invasive species into areas of fumigated pallet suppliers in UAE where they are not currently present. There are many examples of crossing the untreated wood for a few decades. We are a well-known name in the industry so our stumps on our pallets are the name of trust for the Dubai federation and every emirate.

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