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Euro Pallets

Euro Pallet Suppliers in UAE

Euro pallet is designed as the European Pallet Association’s standards and it wooden euro pallets are used in railway at the earlier times of European railways. In 1968 Association also make a new chart of standards that says that the pallet must have a lattice box along with a specified lattice box pallet. The design and size are as described by Association 47.2*31.5*5.7 inches and it is a four-way wood pallet nailed with 78 special nail patterns. The European pallet pool allows the exchange of pallets in international deals. The name of the scheme is pallet for a pallet. As the Euro pallet has set a benchmark in the pallet industry a lot of manufacturers and euro pallet suppliers in UAE entered into the market with low quality of wood and also not complete the exact requirements. Our pallets have that logo that allows your business to deal internationally without any prohibition.

EPF (Emirates Pallet Factory) LLC deals in 3 classes of the Euro pallets:

Class 1- Stamped Euro with size of 1200 x 800 mm.

  • These are especially useful in the food grade transportation.
  • It is Heavy duty pallet can lift 1 tone.
  • 4-Way entry pallet

Class 2- Special Euro with size of 1200 x 800 mm.

  • Useful in the sector of warehouse or distribution
  • Also, Heavy duty can lift 1 ton
  • 4-Way entry pallet

Class 3 Unstamped Euro with size of 1200 x 800 mm.

  • It is also for Warehouse/distribution
  • Medium weight 750kg lift limit
  • Way entry pallet
  • A medium weight pallet used throughout the UK only.
Being one of the reputed organizations and lead in Euro pallet suppliers in UAE, we are tending to provide quality products. Our Euro pallets made up of quality raw material such as silver wood, Bubble sheet and others. We are international suppliers and we also supply to European countries and are manufactured as per client’s specifications like lightweight, having the tensile strength that can withstand heavy load for longer duration. As we are one of the leading euro pallet suppliers in UAE, thus switching to us can make your business smooth on the international level.

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