Double Wing Pallets

Double Wing Pallets

Double Wing Pallet Suppliers in UAE

Wing pallet’s design has two deck boards approaching the edges and stringers of the board. Pallet’s design gives the illusion of the wings that is why it is named as wing pallet. It is reversible and also the strongest design due to the extension of the boards beyond the stringers. In most of the cases, it is used for the storage of heavier things such as cement block. There are a lot of double wing pallet suppliers in UAE but Emirates Pallet Factory always tend to supply a high quality and even reusable pallets. EFP LLC is having a rich set of the supplier board with the support of our competent personal and manufacturing unit. We are involved in manufacturing and exporting and of world-class quality Double Wing Stringer Pallet. Here, we understand and value the demands of our clients so we design double wing pallets in different sizes and capacities to meet their exact necessities. Our offered numerous designs of Double Wing Stringer Pallet find vast relevance in various manufacturing industries.

Specifications and benefits:

It is insulated and treated for termite. If you are in the business of warehousing or purchasing the pallets for storage purposes then is one of the best options for you.
It is specially designed by our experts withholding support. That makes it easy to lift by your workforce that reduces the time and increase the productivity of your team.
We constructed it from the using of superior quality wood materials which are very strong but light in weight that makes it easy to transport and reduces the wastage of energy while loading and unloading the vehicle.
It can hold weight 500 to 1500 Kg.
Mainly we made up the pallets with Wood but there is also a lot of alternates like plastic and metals.
It is mainly used in Warehouse industry but also supports a number of industries and will be the benefit for the client who deals in more than two businesses cause it reduces his maintenance cost.
It has a various range of thickness but mostly in 8-20 mm and suitable for the industry.
We are amongst the leading manufacturers and double wing pallet suppliers in UAE. We understand the need and supply suitable for most of the business makes it acceptable in a global market and international customers. EPF LLC also can deliver the designs made by your or your other employee or collogues as we also can create the custom designs. We give priority to your business is our understanding and completing the requirements of our fastest growing client network.

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