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Block Pallets

Block Pallet Suppliers in UAE

In real, a good block pallet is 4-way entry pallets usually stronger than stringer pallets. To support proficient handling Block pallets make the most of both parallel and perpendicular stringers to making the progress smooth. This is because block pallets are four-way pallets a pallet-jack may be used from any side to making it moveable. As we are experienced and one of the best block pallet suppliers in UAE, we design various types of block pallets like with or without bottom deck boards, or a full-perimeter base. Emirates Pallet Factory LLC is having large range of palletizing products specially designed to help you protect and secure loads.

Materials are used in block pallet:

Various materials are used in block pallets like as wood plastic and sometimes paper and other metals. But the southern yellow pine and oak are two most commonly used kinds of wood in making of block pallets. Softwood is used in the making of disposable and cheapest block pallets. For complex block pallets, metals and other strong wood are used because they have to put up with heavy loads. So its cost is slightly more than disposable block pallets. You can resell it after using at once and can get your money back.

Prime features of our block pallets:

As our experts first inspect the design and ensure that is it suitable or not for the industry? Its dimensional accuracy proves it is extra beneficial for the industry like automated production and warehousing.
For providing greater efficiency in pallet loading and unloading, our experts make it 4- way pallet to increase its compatibility with most of the pallet jacks and forklifts.
As it is used in handling heavy loads its extra strength makes it super strong and high performing pallet for a long run. This can reduce the cost of product damage and also reduce the transporting process time.
Our pooling system controlled the packaging waste and this makes it eco-friendly.
Our specially designed pallet products are ideal for cargo space and transport. Our wood and plastic pallets will give you a solid foundation. You can use our cardboard pallet boxes for crush-resistant protection. It’s just right for securing pallets and wrapping awkwardly shaped products, so you can take out most of it. Our shrink equipment helps you in saving time and making your workforce more productive if you are looking for block pallet suppliers in UAE.
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